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Are your barcode scanner old and slow ? Then it is probably time for an update. We have a wide variety of stationary and portable barcode scanners. We can meet your needs regardless if you operate a retail food or stocking goods for others. What you need , we can deliver . We sell products from Opticon delivering practical and reliable products. The brand is a market leader in products related to barcodes.

Our fast barcode scanner will facilitate your daily activities. A scanner may not stand over a new espresso machine in the break room on the wish list , but as everyone knows , it is the detail that builds big picture. So be sure to have the best equipment for your product handling . Add a few minutes to browse around in our online shop and discover the advances in technology .

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Batelco offers you quick delivery, the same day the orders before 13:30 ( with very few exceptions). You get free advice on the particular product you have selected the first 30 days via email. We specialize in bar codes and can help you find just what you need. Contact us !

Make handling of your goods easier, please contact us for advice and tips on what suits your business !

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